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I am the CEO & Founder of SHE is a VERB LLC. The #VERB is an inspiring message with a singular focus on ACTION to promote change. #VERB is the primary fundamental that feeds the mind, body and soul of SHE. Without the #VERB, the SHE concept may have remained just a day dream. Our practicing model #VERB encourage us to find Value in ourselves and others. It's why we are committed to continued Education for personal growth. As a tribe, the Resilience of the #VERB keeps us motivated. And we have found purpose in our commitment to live each day with a Benevolent heart, acts of kindness. and servants to those less fortunate. Individually we embrace the “SHE” concept in all you do. And when one succeed we edify and salute her as the dynamic "VERB" who followed her dream. SHE Is A Verb is not about me. It's about the #VERB.

How to Bring Out New Aspects of Our Personality

“Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me.”

–Carol Burnett

When it comes to our personality, we might think that our communication style cannot be changed. We tell ourselves and others, “that’s just the way I’m wired.” However, one school of thought suggest the idea that some personality traits can be altered with practice.

6 strategies to change our personality for better relationships

“Love The Aspects Of Your New Personality”

  1. Realize that life experiences contribute to our personality. Interestingly, as you experience major life events your personality adapts so you can fit into your new environment. Our experiences change us. To a certain extent, we grow and adjust every single day. Therefore, as renowned author John C. Maxwell says, to grow yourself, you must first know yourself.
  2. Recognize the positive effects of maturing. As we grow older, the sharp edges of our youthful personality tend to smooth out and become less annoying. We become an improved version of ourselves.
  3. Work on being more agreeable to build stronger connections. Being agreeable includes considering the needs of others. Make every experience as special as possible. Rather than always being right, become more agreeable and watch your relationships bloom and prosper.
  4. If you wish to be a better parent, focus on being more giving and accepting of others. Being a parent requires more giving than receiving when it comes to our children.
    • Because kids do things differently than adults, knowing where they are developmentally will be of tremendous value to you as a parent.
    • Your nine-year-old didn’t make her bed perfectly. Give her recognition for the work and coordination it took for her to make it as well as she did. Your twelve-year-old took the clothes out of the dryer but didn’t fold or put the clothes away. Show appreciation anyway. Use positive words and voice tones to encourage him to finish the task.
    • It’s important to train ourselves to be more giving and accepting in general. Practice being less demanding. Your kids will thank you for it. Plus, when you’re easier to please, your children will please you more often.
  5. The more focused and conscientious you are about changing, the more you will achieve. Set specific personal goals in the areas where you wish to grow. Use a journal for reminders, action plans and reward yourself for progress made. Keep your desired changes in the forefront of your mind. Think about them each day and practice them.
  6. Be your own cheerleader. Take note of when you’re accepting of others, more understanding, and selfless. Give yourself props for becoming the person you strive to be.

Yes, it will take some effort to change those vexing personality traits. However, it can be done with daily practice. Enjoy the daily progress and love the aspects of your new personality!